The craft of Beef Artisanship starts on Brookshire Farm with healthy pastures of native and selected cultivated forages. Pastured beef’s distinctive flavor comes from healthy soil, nutritious plants, clean water and the weather seasons, and then is enhanced by the artisan’s methods. We choose each mama cow and continually evaluate her calf for confirmation that will grass finish and for easy-going dispositions that will culminate in tender beef. Our cattle mature on their own natural timetable. The pastures are carefully managed to graze grasses at optimal stages of growth necessary to promote pasture health and meet the animals’ nutritional requirements. When ready, the meat is dry aged in a temperature-controlled cooler for 14 to 21 days to maximize tenderness and intensify natural beef flavor cows-gtazing-1.jpg To maintain the nutritional superiority of cattle that spend their whole lives on forage – they are never supplemented with grain – we use no growth stimulants, antibiotics or other synthetic additives. Our calves are birthed on Brookshire Farm and raised in a natural environment; at their mothers’ sides in open spaces. Raising animals on pasture and without chemical inputs take more knowledge and skill than depleting the environment and salvaging the results in an animal feedlot. At Brookshire Farm we are committed to continuing this small farm’s tradition of sustainable agriculture. A tradition that safeguards the environment and promotes animal welfare while we produce food that is nutritious, wholesome and delicious

8916 Brookshire rd , Abbeville,70510,Louisiana