Autumn’s Harvest Farm is a family-owned farm, located in the heart of the of the Finger Lakes. We currently raise Berkshire pigs, Murray Grey beef cattle, Boer and Savannah goats, Katahdin sheep and multiple breeds of geese and egg-laying chickens. All of our animals are pasture raised. When Autumn’s Harvest Farm was created by Tim and Sarah Haws in 2001, they took into account how damaging the agriculture industry can be to the environment. Because of this, they set out to create a farm that has a positive impact on the environment while raising our animals with the highest animal welfare standards. We do this by using regenerative farming tactics like putting up bird houses and encouraging bird activity to control our fly and mosquito population instead of chemicals, and rotating our chickens behind our cattle so they can create and spread their nitrogen and phosphorus-rich manure around the recently-eaten field to encourage more forage growth. AWA logo AWA logo We currently sell our products at local grocery stores around us like Greenstar in Ithaca, NY and Lori’s Natural Food in Rochester, NY. We also have a store located onsite at one of our farms. There you can buy our eggs and meat, as well as other local products from our region. While at our farm store, you always have the option of taking a tour of our farm. We are so proud of what we have achieved with our regenerative practices, we would love to show you how happy our animals are and share our knowledge. Autumn’s Harvest Farm, Timothy and Sarah Haws, 5374 McDuffietown Road, Romulus NY 14541. (607) 869-3879. E-mail: Website:

5374 McDuffie town road , Romulus,14541,New York