Joe and Katey Saffer started American Heritage Family Farm to provide high quality food for their own family after they realized their child with special needs developed food sensitivities. With Ayden unable to eat any red meat, and his parents not trusting the pork in the store to be raised the way they needed they took matters into their own hands and decided to go into farming themselves. He’s all grown up now (and still enjoying our pork on a daily basis) and now we get to provide that same level of care to families all over Fauquier County and beyond. We work hard to make sure we bring you the highest quality product we can while keeping our prices affordable. This means working to scale up and keeping things simple and local as much as we can. We’re committed to keeping farm land farming to feed PASTURE RAISED | Our farm team has decades of combined experience with using grazing to holistically manage pasture. By being thoughtful about how we move all of our animals through the pastures, we use their impact as a tool to improve the land they’re on. We believe well managed livestock is still an environmentally friendly food choice when you can buy locally from regenerative farmers. By continuing to improve the quality of the pastures we manage, we are able to reduce our feed costs and continue to keep our product affordable for families. GRAIN FINISHED | The most common question we get is whether or not we are grass fed, and while the answer is no, we ask you to hear us out. We choose to finish our cattle on grain so that they get a little bit of extra marbling at the end of their growth, and provide our mama cows some extra calories in winter while they’re still nursing calves. We’re working toward growing all of our feed for not just our cattle, but the pigs and sheep as well so we can always say without hesitation that it’s Non-GMO and local.families.

7930 Wilson Rd , Warrenton,20186,Virginia