The Cattle Industry Faces Economic Fascism and Invasive RFID Use. Here’s the Insight.

Breeauna Sagdal explores the dangers to self-custody and food security. The Beef Initiative Model presents a robust solution.

In this issue, we delve into the pressing issues of economic fascism, the invasive use of RFID in livestock, and the dangers to self-custody, illuminated by the insights of Breeauna SagdalSenior Analyst at the I Am Texas Slim Foundation. Our exploration culminates in presenting The Beef Initiative Model as a robust solution to these growing concerns.

In doing this, we hope to clarify the complexities and challenges faced by the cattle industry over the past month. These include the impacts of avian flu, the introduction of RFID chips in cattle and the broader implications of such centralized data collection on society, as well as the ongoing struggle for self-custody in the realm of Bitcoin and finance.

Economic Fascism: The Creeping Threat

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Historical Foundation: Sagdal draws parallels between the doctrine of fascism, as developed by Giovanni Gentile and Benito Mussolini, and modern economic policies in the U.S. She highlights how these policies incrementally centralize power, eroding individual freedoms under the guise of national security or public welfare.

Contemporary Relevance: The use of the administrative state in the U.S., particularly through agencies like OFAC and CFIUS, mirrors the centralization seen in historical fascist regimes. The recent TikTok ban and restrictions on real estate purchases by foreigners are examples of this trend, often justified as protective measures but serving to expand state control.

Broader Implications: Sagdal warns of the rise of “Stakeholder Capitalism” where businesses align with state-defined common goods, further eroding individual rights and freedoms.

RFID: Surveillance vs. Health

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Continuing her focus on economic fascism, Sagdal highlights how the use of RFID in cattle management poses significant privacy and autonomy risks. By equating surveillance with health, these practices can lead to unprecedented levels of control over livestock and, by extension, food sources.


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Self-Custody: A Vanishing Right

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Sagdal illustrates the evolution of economic fascism through historical and recent examples, like the Marijuana Tax Act and the targeting of decentralized assets like gold and Bitcoin. These actions demonstrate a pattern where the state manipulates the ability to transact, effectively controlling individual autonomy.

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The Beef Initiative Model: A Path to Resilience

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Restoring Consumer Control: The Beef Initiative Model stands as a stark contrast to the centralization trends described. By promoting decentralized family-owned farms, this model ensures single-source, chain-of-custody trust, empowering consumers to know their food sources intimately.

Addressing Broader Issues: By aligning with The Beef Initiative, consumers can resist the overreach of public-private partnerships and maintain their rights to self-custody and self-reliance, especially in the context of food security.

Urgency of Action: The narrowing options for real meat, juxtaposed with the rise of alternative proteins and restrictive regulations, highlight the imperative to support local food supply chains and reinforce foundational needs.

In conclusion, as we witness the tightening grip of economic fascism and invasive surveillance, The Beef Initiative Model offers not just an alternative but a necessary response to preserve individual liberties and ensure genuine food security.

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