Servant Leaders: Pioneering a Decentralized Food System

From regenerative ranching to local community empowerment, the Beef Initiative champions clean, ethical beef production amidst a landscape of industrial monopolies and market manipulations.

I Am Texas Slim - Servant Leaders

In this episode of I Am Texas Slim, titled “Servant Leaders: Story Kits Part One,” Texas Slim dives deep into the journey and mission of The Beef Initiative. Filmed in Lockhart, Texas, this episode showcases the value of decentralized food systems and the importance of changing consumer demand for clean, regenerative beef. Throughout the episode, Texas Slim emphasizes the importance of integrity, community, and the value of clean food as he shares insights from various guests who are key players in the initiative.

Featured in this episode are several notable guests who contribute to the initiative’s mission. Justin Trammel of Canyon, Texas, a regenerative beef producer, shares his journey and dedication to clean food production. Clyde Summerlatte from 2 Bar C Ranch and Hometown Meat Market in Luling, Texas, discusses his deep roots in cattle genetics and community stewardship. Brooke Miller from Ginger Hill Angus in Washington, Virginia, provides a unique perspective as both a cattle rancher and a family doctor, emphasizing the importance of health and wellness. Lastly, Chris Watkins, a coach at West Texas A&M University, introduces the concept of “servant leadership” and its impact on his coaching and community involvement. Together, these guests illustrate the collaborative spirit and diverse expertise driving The Beef Initiative forward.


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