Road Diaries: Texas Slim’s 5,000-Mile Journey through America’s Heartland

From dust storms and droughts to grassroots agricultural movements, Texas Slim chronicles the current state of American soil, community-driven food systems, and the quest for clean food.

Dust Storm in Illinois

In this video from the I Am Texas Slim Show, Texas Slim takes listeners on a 5,000-mile journey through the heartland of America, capturing the essence of modern agricultural challenges and triumphs. Broadcasting from Amarillo, Texas, Slim recounts his travels from Texas to Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, and back, reflecting on the diverse landscapes and communities he encountered. The journey highlights the profound impact of regenerative farming practices and the urgent need for soil health and conservation. Along the way, Slim navigates a harrowing dust storm in Illinois, drawing stark parallels to the Dust Bowl era and underscoring the critical state of American agriculture.

Throughout his travels, Texas Slim visits key figures in the Beef Initiative, including long-standing family farms like Funk Farms in Illinois and the burgeoning food co-op in Farmington, Missouri. He emphasizes the importance of community, sustainable practices, and peer-to-peer relationships in revitalizing local food systems. By meeting ranchers and producers, Slim illustrates how grassroots efforts are transforming the agricultural landscape, promoting beef intelligence, and fostering economic resilience. This episode serves as a powerful reminder of the value of reconnecting with our food sources and supporting the Great American Rancher.


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