Exposing Good Ranchers: The Truth Behind the Patriotic Facade

The Real Story of Good Ranchers: Deception, Hypocrisy, and the Impact on Our Food System

Good Ranchers: American Meat Censored

RS "Ruffshot" June is Creative Director of The Beef Initiative, Executive Director of Texas Slim's Cuts, and Editor-in-Chief of Beef News. He's also Founder of the Florida Beef Initiative with Leonard Horak of Circle 6 Farm. He hails from Philadelphia.

June 9, 2024

The Veneer of Patriotism and Integrity

Good Ranchers proudly presents itself as a champion of local, independent American farms, waving the flag and advocating for American values. But when we dig deeper, a different picture emerges.

Good Ranchers asserts that their meat comes from local, independent farms in the U.S. However, former associates and investigative insights encourage consumers to verify these claims, suggesting that their promises may be more illusion than reality. Ben Spell, the founder, candidly admitted that in their early days, a significant portion of their meat was sourced from Mexico and South America due to a lack of purchasing power (and intention, we might add). While they have since shifted to sourcing directly from American farms, this initial deception casts a long shadow over their integrity. If the foundation of their marketing is shaky, what other truths might they be obscuring?

Declining Quality

Reports indicate a decline in the quality of Good Ranchers’ meat. What was once a commendable product is now described as subpar by former associates and independent reviewers. This drop in quality suggests a shift in priorities—from maintaining a superior product to maximizing profit margins. Consumers who believe they are purchasing high-quality, ethically sourced meat are instead receiving a lesser product, eroding trust and damaging the brand’s reputation.

A review from The Wellness Verge can be found here https://www.wellnessverge.com/good-ranchers-review

Hypocrisy and Censorship

Stifling Free Speech

Ian Smith, a former associate of Good Ranchers, had his contract terminated after expressing his opinions about U.S. financial support for Israel’s actions in Palestine—a stark example of corporate hypocrisy. Despite Good Ranchers’ claims to support free speech and American values, Ian was swiftly silenced and dismissed for views that didn’t align with their agenda. This form of censorship is dangerous for any company, especially one that prides itself on principles of freedom and integrity.

Contract Violations

Good Ranchers not only silenced Ian but also violated their contractual obligations by ceasing payments immediately upon his termination. This breach led to a legal battle, resulting in Ian being awarded $18,500. Such actions reflect poorly on their respect for legal agreements and fair treatment of employees, further undermining their public image.

Impact on the Food System

The food system is a delicate ecosystem that requires trust, integrity, and transparency to function effectively. When these elements are compromised, the entire system suffers. Consumers depend on honest practices to make informed choices, and when companies fail to deliver on their promises, it jeopardizes the trust that holds this system together. That’s why supporting initiatives like Beef Initiative is crucial. By purchasing directly from local ranchers through platforms like BeefNews.org, you contribute to a transparent and trustworthy food system.

Eroding Trust

Deceptive marketing and unethical practices significantly undermine consumer trust. When companies like Good Ranchers fail to uphold their commitments, it tarnishes the reputation of the entire industry. This growing distrust makes it increasingly difficult for honest, hardworking local ranchers to compete, as consumers begin to question the integrity of all businesses in the sector. Supporting Beef Initiative ranchers ensures you are getting high-quality meat from trusted sources.

Harming Small Producers

Good Ranchers, with a history of uncertainty about their beef sourcing and insufficient evidence of genuine support for local farms, diverts crucial consumer dollars away from authentic small and independent producers. This misallocation of support can be devastating for the very communities these companies claim to champion. By choosing to buy from BeefNews.org, you are directly supporting small producers who are committed to ethical practices and transparency.

The Path Forward

As consumers and community members, we must demand more from companies that make bold claims about their values and practices. Transparency is not just a buzzword—it’s an essential requirement. Here’s what we should insist on:

Verify Claims

Don’t accept marketing statements at face value. Ask for specifics: where is the meat sourced? What farms do they work with? If the answers are vague or non-existent, consider it a red flag. By buying directly from Beef Initiative ranchers, you get clear, verifiable answers about where your meat comes from.

Support Genuine Local Producers

Buy directly from local ranchers through platforms like The Beef Initiative and BeefNews.org. These are the individuals who live by their values, who invest their hard work into raising quality livestock. They are transparent about their practices and are truly committed to their communities. The Feeding Forward Beef Box Collection from The Beef Initiative is a perfect example of how you can support these dedicated producers.

Hold Companies and Politicians Accountable

When companies like Good Ranchers engage in deceptive and unethical practices, they must be held accountable. Legal action, such as that taken by Ian Smith, is one approach. Consumer boycotts and vocal criticism are other powerful methods to demand integrity. Supporting the right businesses through your purchases is a proactive way to hold companies accountable. Visit BeefInitiative.com to learn more.

A Call to Action

It’s time to reclaim the integrity of our food system. Support those who genuinely stand by their word and contribute positively to our communities. Let’s not be swayed by flashy marketing and empty promises. Instead, let’s advocate for transparency, honesty, and genuine support for our local food producers.

Every dollar you spend is a vote for the kind of world you want to live in. Let’s ensure our votes support the true backbone of this country—the hardworking local ranchers who uphold real American values. By purchasing products from BeefNews.org or BeefInitiative.com, you are making a conscious choice to support these values.

Shake Your Rancher’s Hand

Support regenerative ranching with the Feeding Forward Beef Box Collection from The Beef Initiative! By purchasing these premium beef boxes, you’re helping ranchers turn their beef sales into tax deductions through the I Am Texas Slim Foundation. Enjoy delicious, high-quality beef while contributing to a sustainable and decentralized food future.


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