Behind the Scenes: The Tomahawk Ribeye Eating Contest Boosting Local Ranchers

Discover the incredible impact of the Tomahawk Ribeye Eating Contest as it fuels the dreams of young ranchers like Emily. Uncover how the I Am Texas Slim Foundation is transforming local agriculture through this unique and thrilling event.

The Cattleman’s Feast, the Food Freedom Event of the Summer, is happening at the largest Bitcoin Conference in the world in Nashville. This celebration of local beef and sound money includes the highly anticipated Tomahawk Ribeye Eating Contest, taking place on July 27, 2024. Hosted at the Bitcoin Conference 2024 Block Party, this contest features participants consuming the finest Tomahawk Ribeyes provided by K&C Cattle Co. and Hometown Meat Market, with each contestant representing and sponsoring a rancher or producer of their choice.

As part of the event, the I Am Texas Slim Foundation is proud to sponsor Emily, a dedicated young rancher from northern Florida, through their Adopt-A-Rancher initiative. This sponsorship includes a $500 donation towards Emily’s next steer, demonstrating the foundation’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of ranchers.

Emily’s Background

In our previous article, we highlighted Emily, a young and enthusiastic rancher with a deep love for agriculture. Despite growing up in northern Florida, an area not typically associated with vast cattle ranching enterprises, Emily’s path to ranching was unexpected. As a 9th grader, without any family background in farming, she ventured into the world of agriculture, leading her to a meaningful connection with traditional, land-based practices.

Emily’s connection with The Beef Initiative and the subsequent support from the I Am Texas Slim Foundation started with a straightforward but intentional online search. She was seeking organizations that could help her in raising her second steer.

“I just searched for ‘beef production places in Texas’ on Google, and The Beef Initiative was the top result,” Emily recalls. This fortuitous moment was more than a mere search for assistance; it marked a crucial turning point that affirmed her aspirations and strengthened her commitment to a future in ranching.

This unexpected discovery offered Emily not only the resources she needed but also a community of like-minded individuals who shared her values and goals. This newfound support network significantly boosted her confidence and deeply integrated her into the world of regenerative agriculture.

Shake Your Rancher’s Hand

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The Sponsorship

The Adopt-A-Rancher Sponsorship, a cornerstone of the Tomahawk Ribeye Eating Contest and a crucial part of the I Am Texas Slim Foundation’s mission, aims to nurture the next generation of ranchers. Through this program, Emily has been selected to receive a $500 donation towards her next steer. This sponsorship goes beyond financial aid; it fosters a dynamic and interactive relationship with young ranchers like Emily.

Emily’s Progress and Vision

Since receiving her steer in March, Emily has been diligently working to ensure its growth and well-being. From participating in local shows to experimenting with different feeds, she has shown remarkable dedication. Emily shared her experiences, “I took him to a show right after I got him, and he did pretty well. He’s very friendly and easy to walk, which is great.”

Her plans extend beyond just raising this steer. Emily is focused on breeding her registered Angus heifers and expanding her herd. “I’ve been able to buy more cattle and grow my herd. My goal is to breed them and have calves by next year,” she explained.

The Impact of Sponsorship

The $500 donation from the I Am Texas Slim Foundation will play a crucial role in Emily’s projects. It will help cover feed costs, which are a significant part of her expenses. Emily detailed, “Last year, we spent around $1,300 on feed, hay, and other necessities. This year, with a larger steer, we expect costs to be higher.”

By supporting Emily, the foundation is not only aiding her current projects but also investing in her future as a rancher. This support allows her to focus on sustainable practices and quality improvements in her herd.

Voices of Support: Encouragement and Enthusiasm

During a recent conversation, Texas Slim emphasized the importance of this sponsorship. “We want to keep supporting you as you continue to raise steers. Each step you take is a building block for a sustainable future in ranching,” he encouraged.

Emily’s enthusiasm was palpable. “I’m really excited to learn and grow. This support means a lot and helps me achieve my goals,” she expressed.


Emily’s journey is a shining example of dedication and passion in the ranching community. The support from the I Am Texas Slim Foundation through the Adopt-A-Rancher Sponsorship and entertaining events like the Tomahawk Ribeye Eating Contest is a testament to their commitment to nurturing young talent. As Emily continues her work, she not only advances her own goals but also inspires others in the community.

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Join us in supporting Emily and all the ranchers being represented at the Tomahawk Ribeye Eating Contest in Nashville. Don’t miss the chance to meet and hear from special guests and contestants such as:

  • Texas Slim – Founder of The Beef Initiative; President, I Am Texas Slim Foundation
  • Breeauna Sagdal – Senior Researcher and Writer at I Am Texas Slim Foundation
  • Dennis Porter – CEO and Co-Founder of Satoshi Action Fund
  • Elizabeth Murphy – Weston A. Price Foundation and Solari
  • Dustin Kittle – Attorney and Rancher taking on the Farm Credit Administration
  • Dr. Shawn Baker – Founder, Revero; Author of The Carnivore Diet
  • Dr. Ken Berry – Author, Lies My Doctor Told Me
  • Dr. Robert Kiltz – Founder, CNY Fertility
  • Robert Breedlove – Freedom Maximalist; Host of the “What is Money?” Show
  • Tara Thornton – Human and Civil Rights Activist; Co-Founder of Freedom Angels

Your support helps nurture the next generation of ranchers and promotes sustainable practices within the agricultural community.

Donate to the I AM TEXAS SLIM FOUNDATION 501(c)(3) to support our work!


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