A Cowboy History of the Internet

Exploring the evolution of the internet from a West Texas cowboy's perspective, this video dives into the history, current landscape, and future of decentralized networks and digital innovation.

A Cowboy History of the Internet

In this video from I Am Texas Slim, titled “A Cowboy History of the Internet” Texas Slim reflects on his unique path from West Texas ranching to becoming a key figure in the world of technology and digital innovation. He recounts his early days in the tech industry, starting with his move to Austin, Texas, and his involvement in the nascent stages of the internet. Slim emphasizes the importance of understanding the foundational layers of the internet, which were originally designed as open-source, decentralized networks to facilitate free and secure information exchange.

Throughout the video, Texas Slim discusses the significant shifts in the internet’s architecture, from its humble beginnings with basic text-based communication to the current dominance of centralized platforms and social media. He introduces insights from tech pioneers like Robert Kahn and Tim Berners-Lee, highlighting their original visions and the subsequent commercial and political challenges that have reshaped the digital landscape. By drawing parallels between the evolution of the internet and the mission of The Beef Initiative, Slim advocates for a return to decentralized, peer-to-peer networks that empower individuals and communities.


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